Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I suggest that the only hope of reaching the target is to re-direct the publicity - people from outside the limited Tai Chi community will come to cotribute to a charity but are not interested in promotions for Tai Chi clubs. So the emphasis should be " In aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer, join an attempt on the Tai Chi world record - - "
I notice we're not mentioned on the Breakthrough website yet. I personally would be happier if they were involved both nationally and locally not only in promoting the event but also handling the contributions.
I acknowledge the initiative and hard work needed to start the project, but feel that the poster will not do the job required -1. too much stress on Re-vitalise + our own clubs: 2. Womad is not relevant for the vast majority of the people we need to recruit: 3. Top billing should be Cancer Charity Fundraiser.

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